o22_drydock neus_o22
HMS. O-22 in drydock. Picture of the nose of HMS O-22.

Missing since 19 November 1940. Found August 1993 by the Norse Oil Company during a seabed survey.

J.W. Ort Lieutenant Commander (Commanding Officer)
Ch. Aartsen Boy, 2nd class
J.C. Baljé Engine room artificer 2nd class
A. de Best Torpedo artificer apprentice
J. Blauw Leading Telegraphist
H.D. Blommert Engine room artificer 2nd class
P. Brinkman Stoker
M. Bronke Engine room artificer 2nd class
C. Broodman Petty Officer Stoker
G. de Bruijn Petty Officer Telegraphist
C. van Dongen Boy, 2nd class
P.B. Duin Leading seaman
A. Duine Petty Officer Stoker
J.H. van Ginkel Lieutenant (reservist)
W.J.R. Gommers Torpedo Artificer 1st class
H. de Groot Petty Officer Coxswain
J.A. van ‘t Hof Able seaman (reservist)
J. W. van Hoorn Ordinary telegraphist
Th.H. van Huet Boy, 2nd class
J.J. van Iterson Able seaman
C.J. Jens Stoker (reservist))
G.S. Kuster Chief Petty Officer Electrical Mechanic
G.D. Kwast Lieutenant
H. Meerbeek Petty Officer Electrical Mechanic
M.H. Meijer Electrical artificer 2nd class
F.N. van Mil Ordnance artificer 2nd class
J.C. Mosterdijk Torpedo Artificer 1st class
J. Nuijen Stoker (reservist))
P.M. Oudendijk Able seaman
J. van der Plas Torpedo artificer 2nd class
R. Polman Lieutenant (reservist)
W.S.J.A. Prins Lieutenant
J. Rademaker Engine room artificer 2nd class
C.P.A. de Ruijsscher Able seaman
D. W. Spraakman Chief Petty Officer Stoker
G.J.C. Stolk Leading seaman
F.A. Tours Sub Lieutenant (E)
J.W. Udink Stoker
J.J. Venema Engine room artificer 2nd class
P. van der Werf Ordinary seaman
B.H. Wiedeler Able seaman
J.J.H. Wolbeek Electrical artificer 2nd class
B. Wolven Assistant Cook
J. Carruthers Leading telegrafist RN
J. J. Hancock Signalman RN
M.R. Jackson Sub-lieutenant RN