Gezonken op 15 december 1941
Gevonden oktober 1995.

Vondst van de O-16

A. J. Bussemaker Lieutenant Commander (Commanding Officer)
E. Beumer Chief Petty Officer Electrical Mechanic
D.B. van Binnendijk Leading Telegraphist
Boesnar Leading Cook
A.F. Bos Engine room artificer 2nd class
R. Cobussen Engine room artificer 2nd class
T.A. van Driel Petty Officer Electrical Mechanic
H.J.J.. van Eijnsbergen Lieutenant (reservist)
J.F. Haayen Lieutenant
J.B. Hilker Torpedo Artificer 1st class
J. Huig Torpedo Artificer 1st class
D. Janssen Electrical artificer 2nd class
C.A. Jeekel Lieutenant
J. J. van der Klift Torpedo artificer 2nd class
J. Langerveld Lieutenant (E)
G. Meng Petty Officer Telegraphist
R. Neimeier Chief Petty Officer Coxswain
C. Sellier Leading Telegraphist (reservist)
L. van Seventer Engine room artificer 2nd class
J. Suala Leading seaman
H.H.R. Bastiaans Telegraphist (reservist)
G. van Grootheest Gunnery artificer apprentice
Hendrik Stoker
P.C.M. Hennipman Stoker (reservist)
J.A. Hijlkema Signalman
J.A.M. Huijbers Stoker
A. van Ingen Seaman (reservist)
F. Kruijdenhof Ordinary seaman
P. Manuhuwa Able seaman
E. Picauly Able seaman
H. Pieterse Ordinary seaman
S.G. de Rijke Torpedo Artificer 1st class
H. Rijstenbil Petty Officer Stoker
H.H.C van Rooij Stoker
R.K. van der Sluis Chief Petty Officer Stoker
Soejono Boy 1st or 2nd class
F.X. van Tol Able seaman
H.J. Verhagen Ordinary seaman
Wasidi Steward
J. W. Wolters Sub Lieutenant (E)
J.H. Wolvekamp Telegraphist (reservist)

Concerns about wargrave Hr.Ms. O-16

A Dutch submarine that sank off the coast of Malaysia during the Second World War may have been looted by recovery personnel. The boat, the O-16, is a war grave and the final resting place of dozens of people on board. At the site of the wreck a crane vessel was seen with a large amount of rusty old iron on deck.

The Ministry of Defense cannot confirm whether the boat or parts of it have actually been salvaged. A spokeswoman speaks of a ‘very disturbing report’, especially for the relatives of the people who died.

The Ministry of Defense confirms that the position of the wreck of the Dutch submarine corresponds to the location where the possible salvage vessel was seen. The ministry has been informed about this by third parties.

The Hr. Ms. O-16 ran on a mine on December 15, 1941, causing the submarine to sink. In the days before, the Dutch boat had torpedoed several Japanese ships. The war with Japan was then only a few days old.

Only one man of the crew of the submarine survived: boatswain Cor de Wolf. The 41 other sailors were killed, including commander Anton Bussemaker. The O-16 was recovered in 1995.

In Australia there was a fuss last week when it turned out that commercial salvors had seriously damaged the war ship HMAS Perth. The salvors were probably trying to obtain the metal of the ship. The Australian ship was sunk in 1942 in the war with Japan. It is the final resting place of more than 350 people on board and is located in Indonesian waters.