Sunk after a Japanese attack in the Navy port of Soerabaja on 18th of February 1942. The wreckage was left after a failed salvage attempt. It was later salvaged by the Japanese and broken up after the war.
P.J. Mulder Lieutenant (reservist)
H.C. Andriese Electrical artificer 5th class
H.G. Boumans Able seaman
J.Th. Furer Leading seaman
Kasman Stoker
D. Kokkelink Torpedo Artificer 1st class
P. Loekemeijer Petty Officer Coxswain
W.Th. Misseijer Boy, 1st class (reservist)
Saidin Able seaman
R. Sastratwidjaja Engine room artificer 2nd class
M. Soemantri Chief Petty Officer Stoker
Ch. Tatoeil Petty Officer Stoker
E. Zevenbergen Chief Petty Officer Electrical Mechanic